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Matt is the AmbiSuite's primary wedding consultant and director. The articles are based on Matt's experience and passion for all aspects of a wedding production.

wedding photography tips

No matter how good a wedding photographer is there are some wedding photographs he or she may not think to take. Sometimes, even though the photographer is technically proficient perhaps (s)he has simply been on the job too long to think creatively.

Denver wedding photography expert Matt Kelly says, “To make sure you will be happy with your wedding pictures, make a list of all the people and groups of people you would like to have photographed. ”

“Also, don’t be afraid to be creative,” Kelly continued. “There are some great photographs to be taken so do your research. Look […]

Organizing your big day for wedding photography ease

If you don’t want to miss getting important wedding pictures, organize your wedding day and advise your Denver wedding photographer about the wedding schedule. The more informed your wedding photographer is, the better job (s)he will be able to do. You always want your photographer to be at the right place at the right time.
If you are not certain about how to make a wedding schedule, or how long each segment will last, here are a few tips to help you.
A typical wedding schedule
Segments of a wedding schedule are more or less the same for all […]