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Matt is the AmbiSuite's primary wedding consultant and director. The articles are based on Matt's experience and passion for all aspects of a wedding production.

What is “Wedding Photojournalism”?

How do you want to look after your wedding – in photos, that is? Do you want your wedding photographer to take posed, traditional pictures, or do you want the wedding photographer to capture the wedding “as it happens”?
If you said “yes” to the latter, you might want to consider hiring an expert in wedding photography that also specializes in wedding photojournalism.
What is wedding photojournalism?
If you’ve ever seen an old copy of “Life” magazine, you will see in an instant what photojournalism is. Simply, photojournalism tells a story through pictures. And that is precisely what wedding photojournalism does – […]

Questions to ask a wedding photographer

When you shop for a wedding photographer, you need to know what questions to ask so that you will know exactly what you will be getting when you hire one.
Denver wedding photography expert Matt Kelly said, “Most wedding photographers offer more than just snapping the pictures at your wedding and then giving you prints. It’s important that you ask certain questions so that you know exactly what is available from a particular photography studio.”
What questions should you ask?
It is unlikely that you have ever had to hire a wedding photographer before so here are […]