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Top free marketing tools for new business

Top Free Marketing Tools New Businesses Should Use

What a fortunate time we live in. If you opened a new business thirty years ago, your only option was to pay all of the overhead and leasing costs of owning a business as well as substantial marketing costs to support your business. Back then, profits were difficult to come by and it took a long time to get there.
Today, your marketing and budgetary options are far better. First, you don’t have to lease or purchase a brick and mortar space for your new business. You have the option of simply starting […]

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Digital marketing to fill your restaurant

Use Digital Marketing to Create a Web Presence to Fill Your Restaurant


How we decide what and where to eat for lunch and dinner has certainly evolved over the years.


In the caveman days, the man would ask: “What should we have for dinner, Marge?”

Marge would answer, “Whatever runs by the cave.”


In the eighties, one spouse would ask: “Where can we go for dinner?”

The other would answer, “Get out the phonebook, and let your fingers do the walkin’.”


Today, in choosing which restaurant to eat at, we often rely on the Internet. We look in online directories, read reviews, check our inbox […]