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Real Estate Marketing Myths

Uncovering the Myths of Using Direct Mail for Real Estate Marketing

As a realtor, you probably already have your mind set on whether or not direct mail can be effective to get buyers and get listings. There are many varying opinions out there. If you choose to listen to someone else’s preferences, simply make sure you have all of the facts. Most likely, you’ve heard or overheard an experienced realtor state, “I never do direct mail. It doesn’t work.” Unfortunately, blanket statements like that spread around a realty office like wildfire. Pretty soon, a junior realtor who has never done […]

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Mobile Marketing for new business

 Is Your New Business Ignoring Mobile Marketing?


When asked at a party if his company was utilizing the power of mobile marketing, the CEO promptly whipped out his cellphone, typed in his company domain, and said, “Yes, I believe we are.”


That all-to-common scenario may seem laughable, but it’s how many managers today are gauging their mobile marketing campaign. But the umbrella of “mobile marketing” encompasses so much more than simply featuring your site on smartphones.


Here are a few ways you can enhance your mobile marketing which will improve your customer engagement, your market reach and ultimately your sales and profits.


1) […]