Is Your New Business Ignoring Mobile Marketing?


When asked at a party if his company was utilizing the power of mobile marketing, the CEO promptly whipped out his cellphone, typed in his company domain, and said, “Yes, I believe we are.”


That all-to-common scenario may seem laughable, but it’s how many managers today are gauging their mobile marketing campaign. But the umbrella of “mobile marketing” encompasses so much more than simply featuring your site on smartphones.


Here are a few ways you can enhance your mobile marketing which will improve your customer engagement, your market reach and ultimately your sales and profits.


1) Alerts, updates and appointment reminders

Especially if your business is a service-related industry, such as a dentist office, salon, or landscaping company, you can increase your appointments and revenue stream with the help of mobile alerts.


Now, every month, your customer can receive a text alert to book an appointment, or to come in for a special discount, or to pay their bill. This gentle nudge makes people take action. And action leads to profit for you.


2) QR Codes
QR codes are one of technology’s fastest growing trends today. You’ve seen them in retail environments, on packaging, even on menus, real estate signs and TV. You simply download a free QR code reader on your smartphone, then point and aim.


If you create a simple QR-based website that promotes a product or asks for your prospect’s email in exchange for some valuable free content, you can quickly build a qualified list or a add new sales. Not only does it give you more opportunity to connect with your customer, it gives them the impression that your company is technologically advanced.




3) Coupon delivery
The art of cutting coupons from a newspaper or circular is a dying breed. Why bother when there’s an easier way. Your customers and prospects already have their smartphones in their pockets or purses. Why not send them an email (or text message) with a link to an online coupon. Or even offer it on your website. When they get to your place of business, you simply scan their phone. Simple, easy and cutting edge.

4) Mobile payment
Along with coupons, the cash register or computer register may be the next dinosaur in today’s retail environment. And why not? After all, today’s smartphones have many times the processing power of yesterday’s computers.

By utilizing one of the smartphone compatible credit card readers (Square and Intuit’s GoPayment are the most prominent), you can take payment anywhere. No more costly vendor fees. Save your business money while streamlining this service.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use the power of today’s mobile marketing to promote and improve your business.