Denver, Colorado-When choosing a photography vendor, one has a choice between literally thousands of photography studios, solo photographers, and wedding agencies. Each has its advantages and risks associated. I decided to lay out what I’ve learned as a consultant in the field, having dealt with hundreds of vendors of all kinds.
Solo photographer
Let’s start with mentioning the advantages of working with a solo or freelance photographer. The most notable advantage is probably that you get to know your photographer on a personal level. After all, your freelance photographer is not going to only be playing the role of photographer, they are the person who picks up the phone the moment you decide to call them, and are in charge of scheduling and other pre-wedding-day consultations and arrangements. They are also typically in charge of all post-wedding production, photo enhancement and editing, album design, shipping and handling − the lot.
The disadvantage associated with dealing with a solo photographer is that you risk the quality of post wedding productions and amenities. You definitely want to be able to have a place online where your friends and family can view, order, and print the pictures they like. Some solo photographers offer this, some don’t. Album selection may also be limited with a freelance photographer. They’re a single hand and are going to try to save time in post wedding productions. This may include no photo editing or very little of it.
The biggest risk however may come from working with an individual rather than a business. Most freelance photographers will have you write checks to their personal name which is often the same as their business name and website title. You should do a little leg work and be sure that the photographer’s first name and last name is in fact a registered business to protect yourself from legal complications.
Internet agencies
Personal interaction can be important to many couples and it can be at risk when working with larger studios or photography agencies, and especially online agencies. These are the agencies that make you open an account by phone or on their website in order to provide you with a photographer’s profile. Or agencies that hire tens or even hundreds of student photographers to shoot weddings. You’d be surprised to know how many people I know of, who were actually considering one of these businesses for their wedding day. These internet businesses should raise a lot of flags. Sure you may find someone to do your wedding for cheap this way, but is it’s definitely a risk.
A local photography team
They are also agencies, with a world of difference however from the aforementioned. These agencies or studios delegate the task of consultation, secretary, Photography, photo enhancement and design, as well as album printing to a team of specialized individuals. I’d say that this is the wave of the future. Wedding photography is expected to offer more than just a photo shoot for many young couples. A photography team also allows for personal interaction with the photographer as well as the photo shoot coordinator. You get to have a close encounter without sacrificing the amenities.

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