Wedding photography checklist

Preparing a wedding photo checklist for your Denver wedding is great insurance for getting all the wedding pictures you want. Get suggestions from your friends, parents, bridal party members, fiancé, and of course your wedding photographer.
Denver wedding photography expert Matt Kelley said, “You don’t want to look back at your wedding album and wish the photographer had taken such and such picture. A wedding photo checklist is essential for capturing your wedding experience.”
Wedding photo checklist
The following wedding photo checklist is a good place to start for organizing your ideas before the big […]

Should my wedding photographer use digital or traditional film?

DENVER, COLORADO – Among the many questions you need to ask prospective wedding photographers is whether they shoot weddings digitally or with traditional film. There are pros and cons for each type of photographic medium.

Denver wedding photography expert Matt Kelly of Ambisuite Weddings said, “When choosing between digital and film, ask yourself what you want your wedding photographs to capture. Then look at the digital and film photography each photographer has taken. You should be able to make your decision then.”

Wedding Photographs: digital vs. […]