Wish list for a Denver wedding photographer

DENVER, COLORADO – Some of the most important photographs you will ever have made are your wedding photographs. You’ll want to be certain that you end up with photos that are as perfect as possible. To help you achieve this goal, Denver wedding photography expert Matt Kelly has created a wedding photographer’s wish list.

“There are several important things for the bride to do before the wedding where wedding photography is concerned. If she follows the advice of a professional wedding photographer’s wish list, she will be a happy and photogenic bride,” Kelly said.

First, get to know your wedding photographer

Meet […]

Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

Making decisions about your wedding photography and your wedding photographer are very important parts of planning a wedding. Although you will always have memories of your most important day, wedding photographs visually document the event for a lifetime.

Here are some wedding photography tips that will help you make good decisions to ensure your wedding photos turn out exactly as you want them.

Tip #1: When is it time to think about wedding photography?

The time to think about your wedding photography depends on how long it is to your wedding date. In the United States, the average time of an […]