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  • Website Preliminaries: 1- Micro-pricing tables in “resources” along with related content and slideshows. 2- “our team” profiles. 3- All video & audio content. 4-“Tour” images & screenshots. 5- “Features” drop-pin descriptions 6- Bookshelf product content and images 7- Gravity forms setup and buddypress configured.

  • Platform Adjustment & Migration: 1- Finalize necessary tabs & fully configure back-end functionality. 2- Migrate dashboard to http://client.ambisuite.com for non-interfering template adjust-ability.¬† 3- Fully configure signup-to-membership process | orientation page & video¬† | payment processing | membership adjust-ability

  • Avada Update & Content Completion: 1- Update theme to 3.1 or highest available version. 2- Complete all secondary pages (terms of service, faq, partners, etc.)

  • Data Aggregation System & Dashboards Configuration: 1- Contact cloud service providers and BI integration providers regarding process and pricing (this is the research phase prior to engineering) 2- Engineer data aggregation models for roughly 20 potential reporting systems (consisting primarily of 3rd party dashboard reporting systems) 3- Engineer & implement roughly 20 dashboard layouts including graph types and drill-down options. 4- Finalize data storage systems & data retrieval processes.


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A faster, more error proof, and possibly quicker work flow:

1- Follow through with completing all website preliminaries as mentioned above.

2- Follow through with steps 1 and 2 of platform adjustment and migration as detailed above.

3- Complete all secondary pages.

4- Contact full service providers (data to graph api’s available) sumallvainsightsquaredvaklipfolio: Present extant, functioning (system based on zoho reports manual insertion model with no current customers albeit ready to launch) to agree on partnership.