Top Free Marketing Tools New Businesses Should Use

What a fortunate time we live in. If you opened a new business thirty years ago, your only option was to pay all of the overhead and leasing costs of owning a business as well as substantial marketing costs to support your business. Back then, profits were difficult to come by and it took a long time to get there.
Today, your marketing and budgetary options are far better. First, you don’t have to lease or purchase a brick and mortar space for your new business. You have the option of simply starting your business online or keeping it online. Second, not only are your marketing options significantly higher, your costs are significantly less. Or nonexistent.
Below are several free marketing tools from Google that you should employ to kick start or enhance your new business.

Google Alerts
Every business should be set up on Google Alerts. Even with the most sophisticated marketing department employing hundreds of people, there’s no way to scour the Internet every minute to see who’s talking about your business as well as your competitors’ businesses. That’s what Google Alerts does.
Simply set up your Google Alerts account with your company name, product name, and/or your competitors’ names and any time there is good (or bad) press about your company, products or competition, you’ll know. You’ll get a email identifying the source and website. Therefore, if someone states how much they love your service in a blog, you’ll immediately see it, so you can respond and thank them.

Google Trends
What’s hot and what’s not. Think about what trends affect your business. Google Trends allows
you to be on top of those trends so you can take advantage of them while their hot.

Google Groups
Smart marketing is all about first learning where your prospects and customers are. Google Groups lets you be a voice within the very group where your prospects participate. If you sell outdoor gear, you’ll want to find a fishing and hunting group. If you sell vitamins and health supplements, you’ll want to find a group associated with health and exercise. These Google Groups will allow you to learn more about what your target market wants.

Google Analytics
There are dozens of web analytics tools out there. Some are inexpensive. Others cost a lot. While you can certainly find better web analyzing tools, Google Analytics provides most all of the data and insights you want to capture from your website… for FREE. Use Google Analytics to learn who is visiting your site, where they are coming from, where they are going, how long they are staying on your pages, and their buying habits.

Google Checkout
Just as Google Analytics provides a sophisticated free marketing tool for your site, Google Checkout gives you a respectable ecommerce tool for free.

Google Search-based Keyword Tool
How does your website compare with your competitors’ sites? What keywords are your prospects using to find you? Which keywords are most important to growing your business? These are the questions answered by the Google Search-based Keyword Tool.

Google Places
If you have a retail or service-focused local business, you must have a Google Places listing. This feature enables your business to be found when your prospects search online. Those are just a handful of the free Google marketing tools you should use to take your new business to new heights.