Denver Colorado− So, what is the difference between modern photojournalism and traditional wedding photography, and which makes better photos for the wedding album. AmbiSuite wedding consultant and photography director, Matt Kelly believes that while these terms are used frequently by photographers, many couples do not really understand the meaning and implications of these two very different approaches to wedding photography. “Photojournalism and traditional photography are technical terms and couples should be fully aware of what they entail. There’s no re-doing your wedding photography once you realize an alternative style would’ve yielded better pictures” says Mr. Kelly.

Traditional photography

Traditional photography is still the current global standard when it comes to weddings. It essentially refers to a staged approach. The photographer will ask the couple for various poses and later photograph other significant members of the gathering. This requires a time window allotted specifically to these poses some time during the wedding. Traditional photography is quite customary in some cultures where the photography alone can last an exhausting four hours or longer. Mr. Kelly states “although this approach is extremely tiring and often detracts from the festivities of the special day, the photographs are always exceptionally eye grabbing. I guess culture really takes center stage in the couples’s choice to undergo such an intense photo shoot. Most American couples prefer to be an active member of their own weddings rather than being out in the garden with a photographer while the guests are being entertained.” In other words, the style you adopt really depends on the degree of importance you attribute to the photographs as appose to participating in the wedding.


This approach is gaining popularity, particularly in the United States. It does however contain the potential of bearing less than perfect wedding photographs. “The poses are just not going to be as good when you’re not ‘posing’,” Matt told us. Photojournalism is the photography style most associated with capturing news, were the goal is to capture an artless incident and to present it unenhanced, just as it occurred.  People typically prefer the sound of natural over staged and so for this reason might chose to have a photojournalistic photo shoot. In reality however it is much easier and much more likely for a photographer to capture a nice smile or romantic kiss when the act is staged and done with the photograph in mind.

According to Mr. Kelly, the approach that is most fun that also yields great photos, is to combine the two styles. He said “The couple along with their photographer, should set aside some time during the wedding for absolutely staged pictures. I recommend an alloted two hours for this. The photographer should be attentive the rest of the time, making every attempt to capture delightful moments as they happen. Natural pictures, while difficult to capture, are especially enjoyable.”

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