Preparing a wedding photo checklist for your Denver wedding is great insurance for getting all the wedding pictures you want. Get suggestions from your friends, parents, bridal party members, fiancé, and of course your wedding photographer.
Denver wedding photography expert Matt Kelley said, “You don’t want to look back at your wedding album and wish the photographer had taken such and such picture. A wedding photo checklist is essential for capturing your wedding experience.”
Wedding photo checklist
The following wedding photo checklist is a good place to start for organizing your ideas before the big event.

Wedding photography checklist:

Before the wedding:
 Bride getting her hair and nails done
 Bride putting on her makeup
 Mother or friend helping put on the veil and jewelry
 Bride putting on garter
 Bride with mother, then father, then with both
 Bride with grandparents
 Bride with siblings
 Bride with maid or matron of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girls or ring bearer
 Everyone getting their flowers
 Leaving the house and getting into the car

At Wedding Ceremony Site:
 Bride, parents and others arriving at the ceremony location
 Bride touching up of hair and makeup
 Adjusting the bride’s veil and train
 Handing bride her bouquet
 Groom, best man, father, grandfather, brothers, and groomsmen with boutonnieres
 Family members from both sides being seated
 Groomsmen seating guests
 Groom and best man at altar
 The entire processional
 The groom looking down the aisle waiting for bride
 Musicians
 Officiant
 Bride’s face before walking down the aisle
 Father walking bride down the aisle
 Bride kissing father
 Bride and groom reciting vows
 Bride and groom exchanging rings
 Bride and groom kissing
 Bride and groom walking down the aisle together
 The recessional
 Bride and groom getting into car for reception

Before the Reception:
 Bride and groom
 All combinations of family members
 All combinations of bridal party and groom’s party
 Both family members together
 Bride and groom with officiant
 Bride’s and groom’s rings

At the Reception:
 Bride and groom arriving outside reception venue
 Bride and groom entering reception room
 The receiving line
 Guests signing guest book
 Gift table
 The reception area including flowers and table settings
 The musicians or DJ
 Wedding and groom’s cake
 First dance of bride and groom
 All first dances with each parent combinations
 Parents dancing
 Bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing
 Guests dancing
 Each guest table
 Bride and groom at each guest table
 The head table
 The buffet line
 A plated dish
 Other food dishes
 Bride and groom cutting and feeding each other the cake
 Bride and groom drinking champagne to toast
 The toasts
 Signing the marriage license
 Bride tossing bouquet
 Recipient of bouquet
 Groom retrieving garter and throwing it
 Saying goodbye to guests and parents
 Flower petal or birdseed tossing
 New couple getting into the car
 The decorated car
 Bride and groom looking out the back window waving goodbye

Guest list for wedding photographer:
To help your wedding photographer take the right shots of your wedding guests, give him or her a copy of the seating chart. This will help the photographer identify the guests.
Ask the best man and maid or matron of honor to point out the special people in the bride and groom’s lives so photographs of them are taken.
Kelley, specialist in Denver wedding photography said, “I have shot a lot of Denver weddings and I can tell you that those couples who prepared a wedding photography checklist were the easiest and most fun to shoot”.
A bride’s wedding day is very busy and full of emotion. A wedding photo checklist is one more way to take away the stresses of the day and ensure that the couple truly has a memorable and wonderful time at their wedding.