No matter how good a wedding photographer is there are some wedding photographs he or she may not think to take. Sometimes, even though the photographer is technically proficient perhaps (s)he has simply been on the job too long to think creatively.

Denver wedding photography expert Matt Kelly says, “To make sure you will be happy with your wedding pictures, make a list of all the people and groups of people you would like to have photographed. ”

“Also, don’t be afraid to be creative,” Kelly continued. “There are some great photographs to be taken so do your research. Look on the Internet and in bridal magazines for some interesting ideas.”

Wedding Photographs that must be taken

There are several wedding photographs that really must be taken. Typically, a wedding photographer will take all the right group pictures but omit some that bring important insights into the relationships between people.

For example, the parents of the bride and groom will be in all the group shots with the new couple. However, many times wedding photographers don’t take photos of the couple’s mother and father together (both posed and candid). The bride and groom are so busy throughout their wedding day, they may not realize those photos weren’t taken.

The importance of this surfaces when the couple is looking at their wedding album. Imagine a photograph of their own parents as a couple. The newlyweds can look at these wedding photographs and get great insights into how their parents relate to each other. It’s a great topic of discussion between the new couple.

Other photos that you may want your wedding photographer to consider are pictures of grandparents, godparents, co-workers of the bride and groom, fraternity and/or sorority brothers and sisters, sports team members from both high school and college, special teachers, and any other people who have been important to you throughout your life.

Creative tips for the wedding photographer

When you meet with your wedding photographer, ask what photos (s)he typically takes. The following are some creative ideas for wedding photographs in case they are not included in his or her list.

  • Getting your hair and nails done at the salon
  • Help getting into your wedding dress
  • The groom putting on his dress socks and/or having a friend or his father tie his ascot or tie for him
  • A pre-wedding toast of the couple (just the two of them) if they are open to the idea
  • Your wedding shoes placed artistically on the bed or a chair with some other accessories
  • Some of the flower arrangements and/or bouquets
  • Photo of male bridal party putting on their boutonnieres
  • The gift table
  • Photo of the empty reception room and then the same shot when everyone is there
  • The wedding guests during the ceremony reacting to the recitation of the vows
  • One or more plates of delicious looking food
  • Close-up of newlywed’s hands while holding their glasses for post-wedding toast
  • Candles at the ceremony or reception
  • Candid shots of the children at the wedding
  • A close-up of the newlywed’s hands showing their wedding rings (a beautiful picture can be taken in black and white and processed with only the wedding bands having color)

Kelly, a Denver wedding photography expert says, “If you want more creative pictures, make sure you select a wedding photographer who thinks outside the box. The best wedding albums are a collection of posed, candid, and artistically aesthetic photographs.”

So don’t be shy about asking your wedding photography to take specific photos. A professional photographer will actually appreciate the new ideas.